Hacking Hardware Towards an Ethos


Welcome - About McDuff

Thanks for coming by! This is the start of something I've been meaning to do for quite some time and thats start cataloguing my projects. Down the track i'll maybe start some how-to youtube videos as well. But for now baby steps.


But mostly, I wish to tap in to the community if creators out there.


Me personally though; I'm an Aussie that by day is a systems analyst, but in my own time is a avid hobbyist/creator.


At my disposal I got a wealth of tools for my creations, including a 3D printer. Its rare that I create a project where I know 100% of what needs to be done, and normally undertake it as a learning experience.


Nevertheless, thanks and I hope to bring you content you can enjoy regularly!.


- Scooter McDuff

  29th January 2019